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Nike NFL    23 August 2013 03:54 | USA
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One of lake norman s most famous chefs will develop the menu and lead the kitchen at port city club:Everyone s waterfront meeting place, which is scheduled to open in august in the former midtown sundries harborside on lake norman in cornelius.Given the economy, in which prices have to be affordable, chef tim Shafer is developing a menu with prices in the $5 to $25 range, owner nick lyssikatos announced on july 17.The menu will include a wide selection of items, a variety of flavors and presentations built around a frequent, casual customer base, lyssikatos, who also owns brickhouse tavern in davidson, said in a statement.Some items will be fan favorites as indicated by the community, some brickhouse tavern staples.Others would be a choice of seafood dishes and new specialty items that are notYet offered in the lake norman area, lyssikatos said.Shafer also intends to offer custom menus for groups meeting at port city club.With advanced notice, lyssikatos said,(Shafer)Could create a customized menu for a special night out forYour group, showcasing his vast culinary experience with specialty dishes or his signature brew chef specialties, where he shares his excitement for cooking with beer.Beginning in 2014, shafer also plans to host theme dinners at the restaurant, such as winemaker dinners and beer pairing events.Shafer graduated in 1988 from the culinary institute of america in hyde park, n.Y. , and has owned restaurants and catering ventures in New Jersey and North Carolina for at least 20Years.He operated the fine-dining restaurant Tim Shafer s at Lake Norman in Sherrills Ford for about fourYears before it closed in 2008.A specialty he learned and mastered was the art of cooking with beer.He was soon nicknamed the brew chef and is considered one of the nation s top authorities on cooking with beer.He s appeared in numerous popular books and publications, such as the brew chef corner and ale street news, and on the food network.He s working on his first cookbook of beer-Enhanced recipes, titled beer, not just for breakfast anymore!Port city club will seat 320 inside and 150 outside when it opens in august at a date to be announced.By removing pool tables from the former midtown sundries-Harborside, port city club will be able to host three large business or club meetings inside for 65, 80 and 100, still leaving room customizable nfl jerseys for regular customers and seats in the bar area.It will be open seven days and employ up to 70 workers.The interior is being refurbished with a bright and cheerful theme reflecting life in west palm beach, fla.The restaurant will have new granite bar tops, light flowing curtains and new seats, and tables and benches inside and out to reflect a"carefreeYet classy"Lifestyle, lyssikatos has said.Port city club also will have a coffee and european-Style pastry bar inside.The restaurant is working with longtime concord-Based coffee supplier s&d coffee & tea inc.To introduce a line of specially developed signature blends from responsibly sourced beans for the coffee and pastry bar.

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tuffidgeree    26 Juli 2013 12:05 | Jordan
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boqmbrap    17 Juli 2013 16:05 | USA
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Flo A.    10 Oktober 2012 16:39 |
Ein lob an unseren Webmaster Florian!! Sehr schön

Flo Z    09 Oktober 2012 15:09 |
So Freunde,
die Bilder zur diesjährigen Einführung und der anschließenden Burgerparty im Pfarrgarten sind ab sofort auch auf unserer Internetseite zu finden !

Flo A.    18 September 2012 18:36 |
Gefällt mir :laola:

Flo    14 September 2012 15:11 |
Hallo Leute,
immoment hab ich technische Probleme und kann den Miniplan nicht auf die Homepage hochladen. Den aktuellen MIniplan findet ihr in eurem Briefkasten oder aber in der Sakristei !

Annette Würfl    30 August 2012 12:39 |
Liebe Omis,

ich kann den Miniplan nicht downloden.
Habe ich da was verkehrt gemacht?javascript:gb_smilie(':bang:') Oder habt Ihr ihn nicht eingestellt?javascript:gb_smilie(':batman:')

Liebe Grüße

Flo    10 Juni 2012 13:08 |
Das ist der richtige Link:

www.minis.projekt-jugendtreff.de/images/aktueller%20 miniplan.pdf

Sorry Leute ;)

Flo    10 Juni 2012 13:06 |
Servus Leute,
bedingt durch technische Probleme, lässt sich der Miniplan nicht direkt in einem pop - Up fenster öffnen. Ich hab ihn aber hochgeladen und über diesen link könnt ihr ihn euch ganz normal runter laden.

www.minis.projekt-jugendtreff.de/images//aktueller%2 0miniplan.pdf

Viel Spaß´noch in den 7 verbleibenden Schulwochen

Flo :winke:

Lea-Joella Zarebski    20 November 2011 09:36 | ASCHAFFENBURG
teilt mich mit cora und jana ein :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :baby: :baby: :baby: :baby: :baby: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :invasion: :invasion: :invasion: :invasion: :invasion: :invasion: :invasion: :invasion: :invasion: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :klo: :klo: :klo:

Jürgen Graus    05 November 2011 11:52 | Würzburg
Auch 2012 wird es wieder einen Diözesanen Ministrantentag geben. Mehr dazu unter


( Wir würden uns auch freuen wenn ihr die Seite des Diözesanen Ministrantenarbeitskreises mit in die Linkliste aufnemt :-) )

Flo 1    10 Juli 2011 16:23 | Damm
Das hat der Florian Z. aber sehr schön gemacht !!
Wenn er jetzt noch die bilder hochlädt, wird er auch nicht verkauft :gg: :gg: :klo: :klo: :wallbash: :paranoid: :invasion: :laola: :-? :roll: :bussi:

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